The Mid-South EV Club is a non-profit organization of individuals (not a trade association) who share an interest in fully electric and plug-in hybrid automobiles

By encouraging one another’s efforts in their individual areas of interest, members seek the following:

·         To educate youth and the public at large, through a variety of forums, of the relative advantages of electric vehicles and noteworthy developments in the field

·         To act as a information clearinghouse, for members and other approved organizations of information related to the electric vehicle, including technical, scientific and legal developments, and practical and theoretical knowledge

·         To encourage experimentation in the building of electric vehicles and the conversion of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric or plugin hybrid.

·         To foster the development of roadworthy, practical and desirable electric vehicles

·         To promote the use of such vehicles wherever practical, especially where their relative cleanliness and energy efficiency make them the most attractive choice

·         To use all available and practical media to inform the public and to promote electric vehicles